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Our courses are offered in a flexible varity of styles:

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A Dash of Science - On Now

Term 3: Chemistry - It IS Rocket Science

It IS Rocket Science

This term you will become a Rocket Scientist!
You will launch:

  • An Air Rocket
  • A Hydrogen Rocket
  • A Match Rocket
  • A Hairspray Rocket
  • A Water Rocket

You will learn about motion, chemistry, failure, teamwork, trigonometry, explosions, and much more! 
By the end you will put your new knowledge to the test and see if you can safely launch an egg into “space” and back to earth!

List of Lesson

  1. Balloon Boom - *Laws of Motion*
  2. Hyper Hydrogen - *Electrolysis*
  3. Nifty Nitrogen - *Trajectories*
  4. No Match for Science - *Failure*
  5. How High? - *Trigonometry*
  6. Stylish Science - *Hairspray Powered Rocket*
  7. What Goes Up. . . Must Come Down - *Parachutes*
  8. Eggs in Space - *Water Powered Rocket*

Mix of Hands-on Labs and engaging Theory Lessons


Lots of learning - lots of experimenting!
Mixture of
beaker + Pencil
lab and theory.

Ages 6-15 - Jr and Sr Classes Available

Registration opens soon!

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RobotiX (Ages 6-17) - On Now

Kids RobotThis is not your ordinary Robotics class – students will not just put kits together, rather they will get a chance to learn about robotics at a much deeper level by actually making each robotic part from scratch.

Students will keep everything they make!

Students will learn hands-on skills as they drill holes, saw, 3D print, glue-in electronic components, and build their very own Robot!

Ages 6-15 - Jr and Sr Classes Available

Registration now open!

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Graphic Design (Ages 10-17) - On Now

Paint 3DGraphic Design teaches students how to use computers and software to create and edit incredible art!

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