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We offer courses and workshops for:

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Our courses are offered in a flexible varity of styles:

  • Weekly Classes (See the Schedule)
  • Holiday Workshops (Half day, Full Day, Multiday)
  • From small to large groups (5 to 100+)
  • Full-term courses
  • Flexible schedules to suit any group
  • Courses for various age groups (4-17)

- On Now

This is not your ordinary Lego Robotics class – students will not just put existing robotic Lego together, rather they will get a chance to learn about robotics at a much deeper level by actually making each robotic part from scratch.

Students will keep everything they make!

Students will learn hands-on skills as they drill holes in plastic blocks, glue electronic components into them, and build their very own RoboBloX!

Ages 6-15 - Jr and Sr Classes Available

Registration now open!

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A Dash of Science - On Now

Term 4: Chemistry - Acids and Gases

Mix, Dissolve, Precipitate, and Explode!


This term we will learn about many chemistry concepts: 
Precipitation, Solubility, pH of Acids & Bases, Solutions, Carbohydrates, and Deflagration.

  • Mix chemicals in water to create solutions, create and steal heat, and make blobs of goo!
  • Change the color of chemicals using only your breath
  • Discover how much of something you can "hide" (dissolve) in water
  • End with a Boom!  Produce hydrogen gas, collect it in a balloon, and then ignite it!

SaltCrystalsGlowing BeakerMix DominosBalloonBoomSour Lemon

Lots of learning - lots of experimenting!
Alternating classes of
beaker + Pencil
lab and theory.

Ages 6-15 - Jr and Sr Classes Available

Registration opens soon!

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Graphic Design (Ages 10-17)

Paint 3DGraphic Design teaches students how to use computers and software to create and edit incredible art!


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