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We offer courses and workshops for:

  • Schools
  • Science Week
  • Home-school groups
  • Holiday Programs
  • Science Clubs
  • Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)
  • Libraries

Our courses are offered in a flexible varity of styles:

  • Weekly Classes (See the Schedule)
  • Holiday Workshops (Half day, Full Day, Multiday)
  • From small to large groups (5 to 100+)
  • Full-term courses
  • Flexible schedules to suit any group
  • Courses for various age groups (4-17)

- On Now

This is not your ordinary Lego Robotics class – students will not just put existing robotic Lego together, rather they will get a chance to learn about robotics at a much deeper level by actually making each robotic part from scratch.

Students will keep everything they make!

Students will learn hands-on skills as they drill holes in plastic blocks, glue electronic components into them, and build their very own RoboBloX!

Ages 6-15 - Jr and Sr Classes Available

Registration now open!

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A Dash of Science - On Now

Term 3: Chemistry

Burn, Mix, Glow, Ignite, and Erupt


This term we will learn about many chemistry concepts: 
Spectrometry, Photons, Chemiluminescence, Carbohydrates, and Deflagration.

  • Create colored fire-balls to identify chemical substances
  • Make a glow-in-the-dark test tube by mixing special chemicals
  • Breathe fire (safely) as you learn to turn food into fuel  
  • Shoot giant streams of colored foam into the air

Atom Fire Glowing Beaker by Tavo Romann Mist Foam

Lots of learning - lots of experimenting!
Alternating classes of
beaker + Pencil
lab and theory.

Ages 6-15 - Jr and Sr Classes Available

Registration now open!

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MS Office (Ages 6-17)

Microsoft Office is an essential tool in today's world. It is used in school, university, and business. Skills learned in this course will give students an advantage in their academic and professional careers.

WordExcelPower Point

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DragonThe Queensland Association for Gifted & Talented Children

DashX will be teaching a Robotics class again this year at the QAGTC Conference!
Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 June, 2017
This year the workshop being offered is called RoboBloX.
Build and keep your own robotic Dragon using Lego and an Arduino!


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