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A Dash of Science - On Now

Term 4: Physics - Light

Light Speed Science

This term you will explore the fastest thing in our universe - LIGHT!

Experiment with:

  • Lasers
  • Fiber Optics
  • Lens
  • Bubbles
  • UV black-lights
  • Glowing Slime
  • Reflection & Refraction
  • Solar Power


This term we will learn about

  1. The Fastest Thing in the Universe! - *Properties of Light*
  2. Mix it up - *Color*
  3. Bending Light - *Reflection, Refraction, and Diffraction*
  4. Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation - *Lasers*
  5. Focus - *Lenses*
  6. Harnessing the Sun - *Solar Power*
  7. Can Light Get Excited? - *Energy Levels*
  8. Glowing Goo - *Ultra Violet*

Mix of Hands-on Labs and engaging Theory Lessons

Lots of learning - lots of experimenting!
Mixture of
beaker + Pencil
lab and theory.

Ages 6-15 - Jr and Sr Classes Available

Registration opens soon!

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Little Discoverers & Inventors (Ages 5-8)

Science and Technology classes just for little ones! (STEM)
Fun, quick, and easy projects perfect for the little scientist and/or inventor in your family.


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Eggs in Space: Water Rockets (Ages 4-15)

Ready to be a Rocket Scienctist?

Can you design a water rocket to launch an egg and have it land back on earth safely?

Science of Fire (Ages 8-16)

FireBang, Boom, and Burn as you learn!

Amazing Fire Experiments:

  • Dragon Fire
  • Rainbow Fire
  • Match Rockets
  • Dancing Fire
  • Fire Fighter
  • Explosive Water
  • Barking Bottle
  • Balloon Boom

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