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A Dash of Science is different; it is not a science show - it is a place for children who already love science and are ready to go deeper and learn more!



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This Term's Topic

Fun with Fluids - Fluid Dynamics

Splash, squirt, and siphon as we learn about fluids!

Fluids Slime


  1. Speedy Submarines - *Hydrodynamics*
  2. Streamlined Shark - *Hydrodynamics*
  3. Whirlpools of Death - *Vortexes*
  4. Is your toilet backwards? - *Vortexes*
  5. Blow it Up! Back Together! - *Bernoulli's Principle*
  6. Make a Mist - *Bernoulli's Principle*
  7. Sticky Water - *Surface Tension*
  8. Dancing Slime - *Viscosity*

Submarine Splash Shark PoolSlimeBug

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What makes DashX special?

beakerBottle Diver Lots of learning - lots of experimenting!
Alternating classes of theory and lab.

Notebook Notes, videos, and links are online.
Students can catch-up or learn at home if they miss a lesson or want to do more with it.

A Dash of Science is different from a science club or show; it is more academic - in a fun and engaging way!
It is hands on, but also covers theory. Theory is taught in a way that every student is engaged and discoving new concepts.

Excel Microsoft Office is an essential tool in today's world.
It is used in school, university, and business. It is powerful, yet easy enough for younger students.
Students will learn to use Excel to collect data and make graphs.
Skills learned in this course will give students an advantage in their academic and professional careers.

Please help students understand they are going to a lesson, not a show.
Children love to learn when it is done right!

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Class Details

Rainbow DensitySize

Class sizes of about 5-10.
See the Registration Page to see if there are available spots.


We offer Junior, Senior, and mixed age classes.
Course is suitable for 6-17.


Lessons are 1 hour.

Full details are on the Registration Page

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Only $25/week!
8 Week Course

Pricing Weeks Price Total
Tuition 8 $25 $200
Materials 8 FREE $24
Term Total $200


10% Family Discount for families with 2+ kids

Payment Plan

Payment Due Date Total Due
#1 10 Apr 2017 $100
#2 22 May 2017 $100


Payments are split into two -
Half due at the start of the term, and the second half due mid-term.
Special payment arrangements can be made available upon request.

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Materials Needed

Additional/special materials may be required for individual lessons
Check Lesson Plans each week to see if any extra materials are needed

  • Lpatop iPadDevice (tablet and/or laptop)
  • Pencil Pencil
  • Eraser Eraser (rubber)
  • Notebook Notebook (paper)
  • Ruler Ruler
  • Calculator Scientific Calculator (or app - see below for apps)

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Software and Apps

Choose your device below:


Install All 3 Free Apps


Install All 3 Free Apps



You only need 1 of these programs
Check to see if your already have Excel or Numbers,
if not then you may buy one, or use LibreOffice which is free.

  • ExcelExcel - Not Free for Laptops - Check to see if it is already installed
  • LibreOffice LibreOffice (Free - Mac, Win, Linux)
  • Numbers Numbers - Mac Only - (Free with newer Macs/iPads otherwise $15)


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can parents attend with students?
A: Absolutely! In-fact we even encourage it.

Q: What if I don't have an iPad, tablet, or laptop?
A: There are iPads and laptops available to borrow during class.

Q: What do you mean by "more academic"?
A: If you are picturing an old-fashion school room with a teacher lecturing at the front, and students frantically taking notes, don't worry! It just means that while we do lots of hands-on experiments, we also take a moment to look at the concepts (and yes, sometimes even a peak at the mathmatics) behind an experiment.

Q: My child has trouble reading/writing will they still be able to participate?
A: Absolutely! We work with students of all ages and abilities. Parents can also attend to assist.

Q: Where can I see more about past and present classes?
A: Check out Current Students and Curriculum Menus at the top of the page for:


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