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Laser Cutting

This is not your ordinary Robotics class – students will not just put kits together, rather they will get a chance to learn about robotics at a much deeper level by actually making each robotic part from scratch.

Students will keep everything they make!

Students will learn how to use a laser cutter to create some incredible projects!

We will all start with:

  • LED Name Tag
  • Custom T-shirt

Then you will choose your own final project!

  • Final Project Choices:
    • Clock
    • Bird house
    • Door Sign
    • Animal
    • Puzzle
    • Many More!

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Robotics teaches
cience, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) all together in a synergetic combination. STEAM

It is like taking five classes in one!

Materials Needed

  • Laptop Laptop
  • Pencil Pencil
  • Eraser Eraser (rubber)
  • Notebook Notebook (paper)
  • Ruler Ruler


Materials Details

Laptop Laptop - Mac or Windows or Linux - iPads won't work
Limited laptops will be available to borrow.
Nothing fancy is needed, any laptop new or even very old will work.

Students will build and keep a project each term.


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Only $35/week!
8 Week Course

Pricing Weeks Price Total
Tuition 8 $30 $240
Materials 8 $5 $40
Term Total $280


10% Family Discount for families with 2+ kids

Payment Plan

Payment Due Date Total Due
#1 Start of Term $140
#2 Mid Term $140


Payments are split into two -
Half due at the start of the term, and the second half due mid-term.
Special payment arrangements can be made available upon request.

New students may wish to purchase an optional Starter Kit
We provide special pricing should you choose to purchase the kit.

Students will build and keep a number of RoboBloX each term.
The cost of the blocks and parts is covered by the material fees - no extra charges.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can parents attend with students?
A: Absolutely! In-fact we even encourage it.

Q: What if I don't have a laptop?
A: There are laptops available to borrow during class.

Q: What is my child loves technology, but has little or no experience?
A: We work with students at all ages and ability levels. No prior experience is required.

Q: Where can I see more about past and present projects?
A: Check out Current Students and Curriculum Menus at the top of the page for:

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