RobotLesson Plans - Robotics LEDs

Term 3 - 2017

LpatopSee Required Materials and Apps

RobotThis term students will learn about LEDs
to give DashBot new abilities!

New students will need to borrow or purchase a DashBot Kit.

DashBot will learn:

Weekly Outline

This is a rough outline of the weekly classes for the term
*Each class proceeds at different rates

1) LED Challenges - *Circuits*


Week #1 (July 12 to 14)


Students will learn all about LEDs as they work their way through LED challenges. 

Students will get to play with LEDs, batteries, and resistors to learn about voltage, current, resistance, and series and parallel circuits.

Students will start make a driving game they can control with the LineBlock.

Senior students will dive into electrical engineering: datasheets, circuit design, Ohm's Law, and lots of maths, so they can design the LineBlock from the ground up!

2) LineBlock Build - *Analog Sensors*


Week #2 (July 19 to 21)


Students will use an LED and Photodiode to build a LineBlock – a sensor that can detect a line for their DashBot to follow!

  • Students will learn about the theory of Photodiodes. 

  • IR SensorStudents will test their LineBlocks by using them to control the video game they made.

3) LineBlock - *Graphing & Drawing*

Line FollowerWeek #3 (July 26 to 28)


  • Student will finish building their LineBlocks

  • We will learn how to draw/graph in mBlock

  • We will use our drawing skills to create an Analog Graphing program that resembles a heart-rate-monitor


4) LineBlock - *Don't Cross the Line Challenge*

Week #4 (Aug 2 to 4)

Cross walk

  • We will calibrate our LineBlock sensors for black and white lines using our graphing program

  • Now we can work on our first LineBlock challenge:

  • Teaching DashBot to safely cross the road:
    Don't Cross the Line Challenge

5-6) Break - *2 Weeks*

CalendarNo classes for 2 weeks

  • Aug 9 to 11
  • Aug 16 to 18


7) FaceBloX - *Binary & Hex*

Week #7 (Aug 23 to 25) 8x8 Matrix

  • We will learn about installing libraries in Arduino and mBlock
  • We will install the
    mBlock RoboBloX Library
  • Students will experiment with a Matrix of 64 LEDs
  • We will learn about rows, columns, and line scanning
  • Students will build their own FaceBlock
    (8x8 LED Matrix)
  • Intro to coding using the Arduino IDE
  • We will learn about what Binary and Hexadecimal are


8) FaceBloX - *Pictures*

Week #8 (Aug 30 to Sep 1)8x8 Matrix

  • We will look at how to turn pictures into Binary and Hexadecimal numbers
  • Students will use mBlock to control their new FaceBloX


9) FaceBloX - *Animation & Fonts*

Week #9 (Sep 6 to 8)

  • Students will use FaceBloX to create a face for their DashBot (similar to the picture below)
  • We will learn about Binary, Decimal, and Hexadecimal
  • We will learn about Arrays
  • We will design our own patterns, letters, and animations to bring our Faces to life!


10) Sumo - *DashBot Challenge*

Week #10 (Sep 13 to 15)

Sumo Robot -

  • We will calibrate our LineBlock sensors for black and white lines using our graphing program

  • Now we can work on more LineBlock challenges:
  • Help DashBot join the circus and learn to stay inside a ring:
    Center Ring Challenge
  • Finally we will be ready to use our new LineBlock sensors to try to keep our robots inside a Sumo Ring while they try to push each other out of the ring in the
    Sumo Challenge



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