RobotLesson Plans - Sounds

Term 4 - 2017

LpatopSee Required Materials and Apps

RobotThis term students will learn about Sounds
to give DashBot new abilities!

New students will need to borrow or purchase a DashBot Kit.

DashBot will learn:

You will build:

BeepBlock MemoryBloX
BeepBloX MemoryBloX


Weekly Outline

This is a rough outline of the weekly classes for the term
*Each class proceeds at different rates

1) JunkBots - *Components*

JunkWeek #1 (Oct 4 to 6)


Tear apart old junk to discover what is inside!

Then use your parts to build a JunkBot.

If you have old junk bring it to class, if not, extra junk will be provided.

All tools will also be provided (as well as hot glue and soldering)

2) Speakers - *Electromagnets*

SpeakerWeek #2 (Oct 11 to 13)


Students will learn all about speakers.


  • Students will learn about electromagnetism and the theory behind speakers

  • Students will build their own Cup Speaker from magnets, plastic cups and plates, and recycled wire.

  • Students will start building their BeepBloX - by soldering new wires on

3) BeepBloX Build - *Mini Speakers*

Week #3 (Oct 18 to 20)


Students will finish building their Cup Speaker and BeepBloX, and test basic beeping sounds.


Students will learn about frequency

4) Audacity - *Sound Processing Software*

AudacityWeek #4 (Oct 25 to 27)


  • Students will install software called Audacity
  • Students will learn how to record, edit, and add effects to sounds
  • Please bring headphones

5-6) Break - *2 Weeks*

BreakNo classes for 2 weeks

#5) Nov 1 to 3
#6) Nov 8 to 10


7) MemoryBloX Build - *SD Card*

MemoryBloXWeek #7 (Nov 15 to 17)

  • To enable your robot to do more than just beep, he will need more memory
  • Students will learn about different types of memory
    • RAM
    • ROM
    • Flash (Static Balloon Demo)
  • Students will wire-up their MemoryBloX

8) MemoryBloX + BeepBloX - *Sound Clips*

Sound WaveWeek #8 (Nov 22 to 24)

  • We will update our
    RoboBloX plug-in
  • Students will combine their MemoryBloX and BeepBloX FX so their robot can play various sound clips
  • We will record sound clips to use next week for our Silly SpeakBot.
    Here are some examples:
    (Choose at least 1 sentence, 3 adjectives, and 3 nouns) - You can also make-up your own.
Sentence Adjective Noun
I like to eat
I feel like
My favorite thing is
Nothing is better than
I really don’t like
I can’t sleep without my
socks and sandals
(Your Name)


9) FireTube! - *Sound Waves*

Week #9 (Nov 29 to Dec 1)

  • Students will learn about how frequency affects wave length as we combine
    Fire & Sound in a Ruben's Fire Tube!

Rubens Tube - By New Zealand Physics Teachers Resource Bank

10) Musical Robots - *Final Challenges*

Robot MusicWeek #10 (Dec 6 to 8)


  • Student will choose one or more Final Project Challenges:
    • Theremin -Light controlled musical instrument
    • Disco Dancin' Bot - Dance to various musical styles
    • What Time is it, Mr. Wolf? - Talking Clock
    • ChatterBox - Random sound clips



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